General Programs

Different Starting Points:

The starting point in wheelchairs basketball is not the same for all individuals. This sport is unique to many other sport opportunities as a variety of factors may influence what the most appropriate starting point is to begin one's wheelchair basketball experience.

These factors may include one's personal background such as whether they were born with a disability or acquired a disability later in life, the type of disability they have, age and also the region of the province where they live and what program opportunities are available in that area. Another factor which may affect the starting point is whether the individual was involved in physical activity and sport programs which facilitated the development of basic sport skills and sport knowledge prior to program involvement.

Individuals may develop their basketball skills at significantly different ages and at greater speed and time since acquiring a disability rather than chronological age being a key factor. Children with a disability from birth may not have the same opportunity to learn basic sport skills because they do not always have the same opportunities for physical play during their early development. Regardless of previous physical skill, individuals who acquire a disability often have to learn new physical skills such as wheeling their wheelchair, using a prosthetic limb, or accommodating a restricted range of movement. Even though they may be adults, it is critical that individuals effectively learn the basics of movement and sport skills so that those skills can be applied to a wide range of sports and recreational activities.

If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved in wheelchair basketball it is best to talk to a BCWBS coach or administrator about program options and come out to watch or try a program. At this time each individual can consult with the coach about what the best options for participation are to ensure the program is evenly matched to challenge current skill levels and goals for participation.