BCWBS Division I & II Tournament Held in Langley

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| Dec 03, 2010 |

This past weekend (November 26-28), BCWBS in partnership with Trinity Western University, hosted a CWBL Division I and II tournament for the Lower Mainland and regional club teams.

Six teams from around BC travelled in for the Division II games through all types of inclement weather: Breakers, Cable Cars, Kamloops, Okanagan, Victoria and the Canada Games team.

Hotly contested games abound as teams looked to establish themselves in the second tournament of the season. There was even overtime to be had as the Breakers kept their tradition of nail-biters, Shira Standfield hitting the breakaway lay-up to break the Canada Games collective heart at the buzzer of their barn burner. The Cable Cars battled valiantly against a hot Vliegenthart led Victoria team, coming out the victor after a hard fought game. The interior teams posted some upsets even while playing undermanned.

Div II Standings as of Nov 28
(win – loss)
BC Breakers  4-3
Vintage Cable Cars  4-3
Victoria Titans  4-3
Kamloops Bulldawgs  4-3
Okanagan Thunder  2-5
Canada Games  2-5

In Division I play, the Lions continued their streak, winning the Friday game against the Royals. Saturday proved a bit of a turnaround, though, as the Royals came through and won a nail biter out at Trinity Western.

Div I Standings as of Nov 28
Royals 3-1 (game points 7)
Lions 1-3 (game points 5)

Speaking of Trinity, the students came out for their games and had a wonderful time against the Cable Cars and assorted DII players.

Thanks very much to Trinity Western for hosting our tournament and also to two hard-working and enthusiastic volunteers from their adaptive Phys Ed class!

See Div II players out in Kamloops in January and Div I league will come back to Trinity in February for even hotter competitions!